3 Designer Roller Shade Trends

Roller shades are some of the most versatile, and also the most forgotten, window treatments on the market. Their simplicity and ease of use make them an ideal window treatment for a variety of situations. While their designs trend towards neutrals they can add elegance to any decorative window treatment (ie Draperies) in a subtle complementary way.

Trend #1: UV Protection

Here at Custom Window Fashions, we believe that, wherever possible, pieces for your home should be more than just beautiful, they should be functional as well. Roller shades are ideal for this, as their uncomplicated construction gives designers a lot of room for innovation.  Our designer roller shades offer operational ease and light control while providing protection from UV damage to your home or patio.

Trend #2: Energy Efficiency

Another hot trend is window treatments that they help you save money on your energy bills!

Now you can combine this incredible benefit with the simplicity of a roller shade. If you want true energy efficiency with unparalleled ease, then contact Custom Window Fashions soon.

Trend #3: Motorization

One of the biggest trends in all aspects of home design right now is home automation!.  Your custom window treatments can be an integral part of all of this excitement! With our motorized systems, you can easily control your roller shades with the press of a button. bringing them firmly into the twenty-first century while dazzling your friends and relatives!

Have these three trends helped you gain a new appreciation of designer roller shades? If they match what you’re hoping for, then please contact Mary today to find the perfect shades for your home!  407-970-6900.

By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master

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