Bringing The Outdoors In: Nature-Inspired Looks

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Nature-inspired window treatments blend the comforts of indoor living spaces with the natural beauty of rustic outdoor environments. The right combination of natural color, light, texture, and pattern can bring the allure of the outdoors directly into your home. 


Nature is a colorful place. From cool blue waters to vivid ruby gemstones, fiery hot orange to cool grey stone, sunny yellows to sunset pinks, emerald green forests to bark brown—nature blooms in nearly every color!

What speaks to you? Select a nature theme that feels good and build a palette from there. Incorporate complementing shades of preferred colors throughout the entire window and room design. 


Natural light is an essential design tool when seeking inspiration from nature, but not when the sun’s glare is too intense. Custom Window Fashions can help you design windows that filter natural light without blocking daytime views. For example, diffuse light beautifully and create an uplifting sunshine glow while reflecting heat with unique shading options.

We can also help you achieve more natural light with window treatments by implementing specialized window designs (including Plantation Shutters) that draw natural light into a room and reduce the need for artificial light. Many people wrongly assume that drapes will block natural light. While they can be used for sun control, they can be installed in a way that they frame the view and actually enhance it. 

With motorized window treatments, you can program your shades to open at sunrise, close at sunset, and automatically adjust throughout the day to let in just the right amount of sunlight.


Texture is most pronounced when deeply contrasted by surrounding textures. Consider combinations like soft linen drapery paired with coarse woven shades and shiny metallic hardware for naturally appealing window design. Of particular relevance are Natural Woven Shades crafted from rich natural materials that fit right in with today’s warm color décor and provide the perfect look for any room.


Patterns found in nature are an interesting inspiration for fabric prints. Botanicals, animals, and everything in between makes fun statements on drapery panels especially.  Be bold or subtle, both can include hints of nature.

We can help you make the transition from inside your home to outside your window seamless. Contact us today for a complimentary design consultation and get started on your project.


By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master


Cooling Your Home With Attractive Window Coverings

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Spring, Summer, and Fall are the seasons for spending Florida weekends at the pool or the beach…

However, the sun that you enjoy outdoors is not so welcome in your home when you are trying to keep cool. Here are some ways you can reduce heat in your home with energy efficient window treatments.

Window Treatments for Temperature Control

Not only does a bright, sunny room have the potential to make you feel uncomfortable, it also does an un-wanted job of fading your furniture. An air conditioning system will blow cooling air into your rooms, but will also blow up your bank account, and it won’t protect you against the UV rays entering those windows. By reflecting UV rays back outside the window, heat coming through your windows can be reduced by about one-third.

Window treatments can improve energy efficiency while controlling the sun’s impact to your home interior. Drapes in light colors, or darker drapes with white linings, will prevent UV rays from attacking the room. Blackout curtains and shades are ideal for use in home theaters where you want near total darkness any time of the day.

Oh yes, Solid Core Plantation Shutters are excellent heat eliminators and room darkeners too!

Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments come in a variety of styles – custom draperies, shades, and solar screens.

At the simple and convenient push of a button, your window treatments will open or close smoothly and quickly, controlling the sun and heat. Motorized treatments can easily be operated with your smartphone.

Uh-oh! You’re on your way to work and realize that you forgot to close your window shades before leaving the house? Not to worry, with a single tap on your smartphone, your home can stay cool!

Cellular shades contain built-in dead air pockets made by the use of two layers of fabric. This insulation slows heat flow from inside to outside, making them ideal for reducing solar gain.

Another option is that they can be opened or closed from the bottom up or the top down. This allows you to control the amount of light into the room while gaining privacy as well.

Layered Window Treatments

By installing complementing draperies/side panels over light filtering shades or room darkening shades, you can control the temperature of your room and at the same time transform an ordinary room into something very special.

A multi-layered window treatment can include a Top Treatment (valance, cornice box), and side panels over sheer draperies which will take your entire room’s decor to the next level. Now your window becomes an eye-catching focal point that is extremely beneficial in blocking any annoying light seeping around the window edges.

Banish Heat From Your Home!

Are you fed up with your unbearably hot home in Florida’s long hot summer? Cover those windows with energy-saving beautiful window treatments that flatter your home and all will enjoy! Stay COOL.

For FREE Consultation, contact Mary today!  407-970-6900.

By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master


Custom Luxury Window Treatments

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In the design world, there are two types of window treatments: mass marketed window coverings and custom luxury window treatments.  Mass marketed (common)coverings include many of your “off-the-shelf”,  fixed sized shades and blinds, usually made with subpar synthetic materials.  They may block out sunlight and provide a modicum of privacy, but they usually need to be replaced every few years due to cracking, chipping yellowing, or warping.  Basically, they’ll cover your windows, but not well or very long.

Luxury window treatments, on the other hand, do more than just cover a window- they complement and enhance their surroundings.  For example, plantation shutters, custom shades, and draperies flatter your interior design scheme – they are crafted with designer materials to fit your exact window dimensions – regardless of your window’s shape or size.  Luxury treatments should last their lifetime without discoloration, warping, cracking or chipping.  And for true luxury, your window treatments should also add real solutions – such as providing energy efficiency to your home while protecting your interior furnishings from damaging sun rays.

Above all else, a luxury shutter/ shade or drapery must stand the test of time.  If your window treatments look great now become worn and dysfunctional in a few years, they will quickly go from elegance to annoyance.  Luxury draperies, shutters or shades should always look fresh as though they were just installed.

Any window treatment can block the sun and add privacy, but luxury window treatments should be attention-getting and complement the décor.  You may feel like that without these unique treatments, your windows would seem naked like an unframed painting – the whole room may feel bare and unfinished!  Luxury window treatments will always improve the appeal and value of your home!

Let Custom Window Fashions help you find the perfect luxury window treatment! Soon your newly covered windows will glow with elegance and operational flawlessness that only luxury window treatments can provide. Choosing the right luxury window treatment can be very challenging by yourself.  However, you’re never alone when we’re here to help, Contact Mary today!  407-970-6900.

By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master


Perfect Window Treatments for that “heart of the house” your Kitchen!

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The kitchen has always been a “functional working” room where meals are prepared, eaten, followed by lots of nasty clean-up and certainly not always the focal point of a home. In fact, historically, the kitchen was the least decorated room, tucked in the back of the house. It was not a gathering place where people wanted to spend time (unless they had to). Furthermore, owners most certainly weren’t concerned about decorative shades or shutters in the kitchen windows. Some had no windows at all, even today.

While the kitchen has gone through many transformations over the years, (in fact, kitchens reflected economic times and changes pretty closely). The period of the 1930s and 40s is when the kitchen began evolving to an inviting point of family pride. Today, we enjoy our open kitchen plans with all its fancy appliances and accommodations.  No longer hidden at the back of the house, our kitchens are front and center, and on display, for all to see. More often than not, the kitchen is usually facing or in the middle of a gathering place for entertaining, next to the family room or dining room.

  Of course, the most important thing to us, are the windows! Kitchens are now well lit, with either creative lighting or numerous windows with great views. Installing attractive shades over your sink, can help tone down the harsh sunlight while you work, or perhaps some drapes in breakfast nook to complement and soften your kitchen décor (as well as frame that lovely view) If you want a classy, vintage look, why not install plantation shutters which offer multi-flexible shade and light control, not to mention wonderful “charm and elegance” to your kitchen.

What better way to show off today’s most-used room in your home, than with attention-getting window coverings for the kitchen! Depending upon your preferred decorating style, perhaps wood shutters would be perfect, or maybe a unique roman shade or top down –bottom up cell shade would a great fit. If you need any help picking out the ideal kitchen window treatments please contact Mary today!  407-970-6900.

By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master


Spring Window Treatment Trends

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Spring is finally here! Flowers are in full bloom, and the sun is here to stay (unless its a rainy day, of course). A new season is a perfect time to revitalize your windows with stylish upgrades of custom draperies, shades, and shutters to beautify your home. For some homes, winter meant heavy fabrics and textiles on the windows, while spring should signal a time for lighter colors and lighter weight fabrics. Sheers or textiles that enable you to open the windows, rather than cover them, are ideal.

Springtime means brightening colors: Once the winter has ended, brighten your space with warm tans, blues, greens, and yellows to evoke a renewal for your interiors. While many people think you have to stick with the same window treatments year around, the contrary is actually true. Springtime is about letting in cool breezes and refreshing views. Opt for colorful Roman shades, modern valances, and shutters to help out.

Set The Fabric Aside: While many people enjoy decorative fabrics, there is a large population who prefers to go without them and enjoy minimal treatment windows, or shutters. Plantation shutters are a great option if you don’t want to fuss with fabric and synthetic shades or blinds. Plantation shutters complement a variety of styles. They can look very elegant in a traditional style home or compliment a contemporary-style decor. If you opt for non-decorative fabric, ensure that your windows are clean and inviting for guest to enjoy the views.

Using multiple treatments on your windows: If your windows feel bare and you prefer an attention-getting window, consider layers of color, texture, and pattern to complete your springtime masterpiece. If glare is a problem in your home from bright sunlight or reflective water views, opt for sheers, or solar roller shades that can filter and reduce harsh light. Window treatments that hang from the ceiling to the floor will elongate your walls, and make the room appear larger. By layering window treatments you can add versatility to your windows. Layering decorative window treatments over lighter fabrics (eg. sheers) will help keep out uncomfortable airflow while allowing in filtered sunny views.

Know your home: While you may fall in love with the dreamiest window treatment in a home decor magazine, think of your own home’s views and sun exposure before making the final decision. Much of your home’s temperature gain and loss is through the windows. If your home receives heavy sun exposure, have the appropriate treatments to filter out the light. While you may love valances or cornices, remember they only adorn the top of your windows. Your home may need sheers, or light fabric shades to assist with controlling the sunlight. Know your home so that you won’t regret your decision later! Better yet, call a professional for a free consultation!

Window treatments for your seasonal home should be inviting and inspiring! Spring colors, fabrics and textures are what give your home a lift of light and airiness. If you need help picking out the perfect spring window treatments please contact Mary today!  407-970-6900.

By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master


Window Treatments/ Coverings for Close-Together Windows

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Choosing the ideal window treatments for your home can be challenging. With so many options, styles, patterns, and colors to choose from, it can be difficult to make the right decisions, especially when you’re searching for window coverings for unusual or unique windows like multiple small windows that are very close together or a Bay Window Configuration.

Well, while this type of design may seem daunting, there are almost unlimited options to control outside lighting and protect privacy while also creating an attractive look in any room of your home.

Don’t sweat finding the right shades if you need to cover multiple windows in a small space we’re here to help! And let’s not forget the all-encompassing beauty of Traversing Draperies.

Inside Mounts

Mounting shades inside window frames is a great solution for close-together windows that have their own separate frames, preferably with some wall space in between. It helps maintain a sleek, uniform appearance without the potential for overlapping that can occur with outside mounts. Of course, they can be fashionably coordinated in combination with outside mounted Draperies or Curtains, creating the popular Layered look.

Top Picks for This Look:

    • Cellular/Honeycomb Shades
    • Roller Shades
    • Natural Woven Shades
    • Plantation Shutters
    • Sheer Horizontals

One Large Shade

For windows that share a single frame or multiple side-by-side windows, an extra large or oversized window treatment will suffice and may be a little more economical as well.  Having a single shade also makes it easy to quickly control light and privacy in the room. You raise or lower using a single lift mechanism, with or without the ever convenience of slick motorization. (rather than multiple window treatments and lift systems).

Top Picks for This Application:

    • Roman Shades
    • Roller Shades
    • Cellular/ Honeycomb Shades
    • Custom Draperies     

Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Top down bottom up shades are among the most versatile window treatments on the market. They raise from the bottom like traditional shades, but they can also be pulled down from the top. That means you can enjoy ample sunlight while still protecting your family’s privacy and eliminating harsh glare.

Top Picks for This Look:

    • Cellular Shades                             
    • Pleated Shades
    • Natural Woven Shades

When choosing the perfect window treatments for your close-together windows, be sure to pay attention to the features and options you want including black-out linings. For many homeowners, this part of the process can be the most challenging. While we’re on the subject, be sure to ask about the availability and benefits of Free Cordless Operation

Have we helped you gain a new Solution for your Close Together Windows? If this is exactly what you were looking for, please contact Mary today to find the perfect window covering for your home!  407-970-6900.

By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master


3 Designer Roller Shade Trends

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Roller shades are some of the most versatile, and also the most forgotten, window treatments on the market. Their simplicity and ease of use make them an ideal window treatment for a variety of situations. While their designs trend towards neutrals they can add elegance to any decorative window treatment (ie Draperies) in a subtle complementary way.

Trend #1: UV Protection

Here at Custom Window Fashions, we believe that, wherever possible, pieces for your home should be more than just beautiful, they should be functional as well. Roller shades are ideal for this, as their uncomplicated construction gives designers a lot of room for innovation.  Our designer roller shades offer operational ease and light control while providing protection from UV damage to your home or patio.

Trend #2: Energy Efficiency

Another hot trend is window treatments that they help you save money on your energy bills!

Now you can combine this incredible benefit with the simplicity of a roller shade. If you want true energy efficiency with unparalleled ease, then contact Custom Window Fashions soon.

Trend #3: Motorization

One of the biggest trends in all aspects of home design right now is home automation!.  Your custom window treatments can be an integral part of all of this excitement! With our motorized systems, you can easily control your roller shades with the press of a button. bringing them firmly into the twenty-first century while dazzling your friends and relatives!

Have these three trends helped you gain a new appreciation of designer roller shades? If they match what you’re hoping for, then please contact Mary today to find the perfect shades for your home!  407-970-6900.

By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master


The Best Window Coverings for Business Offices

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Decorating your business office can be a little more difficult than decorating your home. When it’s your home, you have to think about your personal style and your budget. But when it comes to decorating a business office, there are a few other things you’ll want to consider, such as what are your priorities?

Lighting and Productivity

Let’s start by evaluating how lighting can affect your employees’ productivity. There are many factors to consider here, including the presence or absence of lighting, the need for different types of lighting in different situations, and the need for privacy in some cases.

Mood. Light affects our emotions in a variety of ways. Bright light, in particular, is shown to make people happier— letting in more bright, natural light during the day can make your workers feel more energetic, boosting productivity.

Vision. Window treatments are great for reducing glare, focusing the light, so it illuminates a workspace without getting into employees’ eyes is ideal.

Aesthetics and Branding

You should consider the aesthetic value of your window treatments. While it may not seem like your superficial choices can play a significant role in your business, you have to consider how your office appearance can affect perceptions of your brand.

Colors and materials. Once you’ve decided on a specific style, you can choose a particular material and color to match the mood of a room. For example, natural fiber shades would give your office a more relaxed feel while providing an air of elegance. You can also choose colors that match those of your company’s to increase brand consistency throughout the office.

Value. Different shades and curtains offer different levels of value, which may matter if you’re offering your services to a client. For example, if it’s clear you purchased your window treatments from a discount store, it may not reflect well on the image of your company. That isn’t to say you should choose the most expensive option either, but the perceived value of each window treatment option should be taken into consideration.

Durability. This is certainly one of the most important characteristics of Quality and a prime reason for justifying the cost. Lasting, flawless operation and enduring appeal are priceless. These shades are designed for extended daily use as you open and close them every day without fail.

Functionality and Options

The practical benefits and functionality of your window treatments should also be considered. You might think that all types of shades, curtains, and shutters have the same main options (open and shut), but different styles can offer radically different benefits.

Flexibility and adaptability. It’s best to select window treatment options that give you the greatest number of possibilities in the future. For example, using layered shades gives you multiple options, including pure natural light, slightly filtered light, and total obscurity for greater privacy.

The comfort of Automation. If you’re installing shades in a private office, consider motorized shades, which can be activated remotely. A busy executive doesn’t want to be interrupted from work to get up and adjust the curtains every time the sun changes positions in the sky. Plus, it’s impressive to prospective clients and new hires.

Energy savings. Many window treatments also offer energy-saving benefits. They might filter out more sunlight, or serve as an additional layer of insulation to maintain the office temperature. Either way, you’ll spend less on utilities to heat or cool the building.


By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master


The Benefits of Soft Sheer Shadings

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When you were choosing window treatments for your home, did you find yourself torn between hard window treatments such as blinds or shades and soft custom draperies or curtains? It’s a more common problem than you would think, particularly with the fantastic selection of both hard and soft window treatment choices. But we’ve got some fantastic news: you no longer have to compromise or struggle with indecision. We’ll help you decide by demonstrating suitable, attractive solutions compatible with your home’s decor! Although you certainly can benefit by combining custom draperies or decorative top treatments with your hard blinds or shades, there is also something that can allow you to have the best of both worlds: Soft Sheer Shadings.

Light Diffusion

Perhaps the greatest benefit to sheer shades is their alluring light diffusing properties along with a flexible degree of privacy. Rather than opaque blinds or shutters that block or alter incoming sunlight, sheer shadings actually filter the sun’s rays, creating an elegant naturally lit room safe from the harshness of Florida’s sun.

Get The Most Out Of Your View

One downside to most traditional window treatments is that to achieve light control, you usually have to compromise your view of the outside. For many of us, a magnificent view is one of the major reasons we purchased our home, so you want to make sure that you get as much out of it as possible. Soft sheer shades will ensure that you maximize your view!

 Operating Options

With sheer shadings, the vanes of the shades are sheer fabric panels throughout and provide as much or as little light control or privacy as you prefer. Their unique construction provides for an unprecedented level of light control without blocking your beautiful settings. Sheer shadings come in two shapes, horizontal and vertical, and in a full range of sizes (enabling coverage of any window). Contrary to what you may expect, the horizontal sheers (Viennas) are shaped like blinds and operate vertically. Vertical sheers (Luminettes) on the other hand are shaped like PVC verticals and operate horizontally. The striking difference is in the sheer material and the immediate sense of elegance. All styles can be motorized for remote control. No matter what you choose, above all, your new sheer shades will convey sophistication and appeal. Your visitors will be envious!

Seeing Is Believing

Have we piqued your interest that soft sheer shadings would be a great fit for your home?

Then call today for a FREE in-home consolation 407-970-6900. We look forward to meeting you!

By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master


How Much Does It Cost To Install New Window Treatments?

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If you’re considering buying new window treatments for your home, you are probably wondering about the cost and how it fits into your home improvement budget. While most of us don’t have unlimited funds, we want to make the most of what we’ll be investing to gain the greatest improvement to our surroundings and quality of life.

The Importance of Quality

First, you should realize there is no substitution for quality- it always can be depended on and will outlast everything else. So think quality over quantity or lowest price- because normally these treatments should last several years, function flawlessly and remain attractive. It’s better to make a smart investment now, prioritizing options that you know will last and appeal to all who see what you have achieved.

    • Durability. This is certainly one of the most important characteristics of Quality and one of the prime reasons to justify the cost. Flawless operation and enduring appeal are priceless.  You may spend $1500 + on the ideal choice for your purpose and décor with the potential it may last 20 years! Otherwise, the alternative, save now- then spend again and again!
    • Important Benefits of Effective Window Treatments. These features must always be addressed and prioritized in your final decision. Privacy and Security, Light Control, Sun Protection (especially here in Florida), Energy Savings and always, Design Aesthetics– Eye-Catching Appeal! It’s a lot to consider if you’re doing it yourself. All of these must be factored into the final price of your window covering (with the exception of appeal).
    • Convenience and ease of control. Whether motivated by the sophistication or a difficult location of your window covering/ treatment, Motorization may be the preferred option. Your comfort is obvious but cost justification is another concern- probably around +$500 (DC) per opening or up to +$1000 (AC).  Many Shades today are available with a wonderful convenience that also provides Child and Pet Safety, namely Cordless Operation- no dangling strangling cords!-and it often is free for the asking!
    • Full-Service Provider. Unlike buying online or off a rack in a discount retail store where you’ll be responsible for the entire outcome, including install!  Window Treatment/Covering Specialists provide high-quality customer service personalized to your unique décor and preferences. You should expect to increase your budget for the expert advice, finished results and guarantees you will receive from these professionals. You can be sure they will resolve any issue to your satisfaction. These experts deliver spot-on design, precise measurements, perfect installation and a finished look that will exceed your expectations and wow all your visitors! Now, isn’t that worth it?

Average  Cost for Custom Window Treatments/ Coverings (installed)

According to national averages, new window coverings can range from $128 to $1463 per window depending on the treatment style and cost of materials.

    • Curtains and drapes. While being relatively easy to install, Draperies are always lined to protect the fabric and control the amount of light passing through. Don’t forget the cost of rods which can be stationary, mechanically traversing tracks or elegant decorative poles with matching drapery rings and beautiful finials on the ends. This set up can easily cost $1463 per window. Sliders will be proportionately more. (This price can be upwardly effected by Accessories included in the treatment – Top Valances/Cornices or Swags, beautiful layers of Sheers or if Motorized.)
    • Blinds and shades. There are so many shade types to meet any design preference you may like.: Honeycomb/Cellular(Light Filtering or Room Darkening)l;  PVC Vertical and Horizontal Blinds; Sheer Horizontals (Viennas); Sheer Verticals (Luminettes),  Soft Roman Shades of all sorts and Solar Roller Shades. These all break down into additional refinements as well.  Just ask us! Price wise, PVC Verticals and Faux Wood Blinds will be lowest, averaging $120/window. Cellular/ Honeycomb Shades: $345 / window; Sheer Horizontals/Viennas- $572/; Sheer Verticals /Luminettes- $780/;Designer Roman Shades(lined), cordless-$570/and Solar Rollers (Sheerweave) variable densities incl Valance-$320/. Solar Rollers are great for blocking the sun’s glare without losing the view and are especially appreciated when installed on oversized office or condo windows!
    • Plantation Shutters -interiorShutters are available in most any shape the most common being rectangular, just like your window, (with arches as well). We can accommodate special/ lever handles as on French Doors. Normally shutters have decorative frames around them but we can make them fit nicely insidea pre-framed windows as well. The most common louver is 3 1/2” deep but 2 ½ and 4 ½ are also available. You can open them with Traditional Tilt Bar or Hidden Clear View system. For added flexibility, you can open the top and bottom sections separately for more privacy or light control. Made from synthetic polymers, guaranteed not to warp chip or crack and is non-toxic! Average cost: $400 per window.

At Custom Window Fashions, we pride ourselves on offering the best of each category, with a wide range of window treatment options with top-notch customer service. Take a look at our drapes, our shades, or our other products, and you’ll quickly learn how we became one of the top window treatment providers in the industry. For your convenience and peace of mind, call Mary today for a Free In-Home Consultation.


By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master