Living Room Window Inspirations: Modern, Traditional, and Transitional

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A well-designed living / great room is a focal point in a home. After all, it’s in these rooms where so much entertainment and family life happens. It’s here that we gather and spend quality time with loved ones. Window treatments are an important component of a well-appointed space and it’s important to consider design aesthetics when choosing them. Don’t settle for function over style when you can expect both from Custom Window Fashions.

Modern Living Room Window Treatments

Modern spaces are free from visual clutter and use clean lines, natural materials, and polished metals. Modern design places an emphasis on light, so it’s especially important in these spaces to get the window treatments just right. You’ll want something that allows light flowing in while offering, for practical considerations, glare control and privacy. Try pairing elegant solid colored drapery panels hung on Rings over decorative Metal poles with under- layered soft sheer curtains for an amazingly chic look.




Traditional Living Room Window Treatments

Traditional living rooms tell a family’s story through heirlooms and pay homage to the past with antiques, classic art, regal furniture, and ornate finishes. Symmetry is key in traditional living rooms and window treatments, particularly draperies and complementing valances (TopTreatments), can provide this balance. Velvets, silks, and leathers exude elegance and are perfect choices for traditional spaces. If you love patterns, go with something classic like damask, exciting florals or daring stripes! To spice it up a little, add trims – Rope or Welt cord, (Sorry, Bead or Tassel Trims hard to find these days)!  If using Upholstered Cornices, consider shaped bottoms with banding or decorative Nailhead trim.  Spectacular!

Having a traditional sense of style does not mean living in the past! Traditional styled treatments can be paired with today’s technology for a timeless look with unmatched functionality.

Transitional Living Room Window Treatments

Transitional living rooms harmoniously blend traditional and contemporary furniture and finishes to create a timeless space that exudes comfort and livability.  In transitional living /great rooms you’ll find furniture with both shaped and straight lines, limited accessories, fabrics with lots of texture, and restricted color palettes.  Plantation Shutters also really work great in transitional designs (or any design for that matter). Almost anything goes in this style, just let your imagination fly but keep the color schemes compatible.



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Window Treatment Ideas for Arch Windows

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Arch windows are a beautiful architectural feature that will add softness and interest to a room. Like other specialty windows, they can be a challenge when trying to cover them. Arch windows come in many different shapes and sizes, from half circles to flatter arches (eyebrow) with side legs. You won’t find well-fitting window treatments for arched windows at big box home improvement stores. For such unique windows, only custom window treatments will be suitable to enhance, not hide, their beauty.

Suitable Window Treatments for Arch Windows:

Plantation Shutters

Interior Shutters are a timeless decorating choice that are custom-fit to compliment your arch windows. To achieve a  traditional, classic look with plantation shutters, they must be perfect. Choosing the right louver depth and color, precision measuring and installation of the shutter on your arch window takes skill and expertise. Which is why you hire Custom Window Fashions.

Shades – Cord pull or Motorized

Many people believe shades must follow the arch of their windows, but this is not true. For a modern look, try straight shades cut to fit the arch of your windows. This application creates clean, modern lines while drawing attention to the eye-catching arched detail.

Draperies/ Shaped Valances

When thoughtfully designed and properly installed, draperies can look stunning around an arch window and spectacular inside a hall archway. Like all windows, draperies look best on arch windows when the right shape, fabric type, color, print, pleating, and coordinating, (or contrast) trim is selected to match the aesthetics of the room. Often we suggest using tightly tabbed arched tops secured to decorative finials or medallions outlining the arch for a stunning look.

The second objective of making soft window treatments look great on arch windows is in knowing exactly how to install them. They must be placed in the precise shape, height, and width so that the arch is showcased, not hidden. Attentive design and proper installation are two of the main reasons to work with a window treatment expert, especially when working with a  such a unique window type


Are you ready to find the ideal window treatment for your home’s arch windows? Then let’s talk!!  For a free design consultation, Call me Today!  407-970-6700.

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Inside or Outside Mount – to Hide or Not to Hide the Trim

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Are you looking for a window treatment option that won’t hide trim? If you have beautiful, intricate molding around your windows, it’s understandable that you’d want to showcase it, not hide it. While some window treatments do cover trim (or parts of it), there are several options that do not.

There are always exceptions to rules, but typically we hang drapes / curtains  outside the window well. This creates the illusion that the window is larger than it really is. It actually tricks the eye into bringing more light into the room. Suddenly skinny, narrow windows look wider because you can’t see where the actual window ends. Similarly,  rod covering cornices or valances can make short windows appear taller and create that same attention getting illusion of more light.

Another way to make windows appear higher and larger, is to simply install a Decorative Drapery rod at least 5”+ above the top of your trim or header* or split the difference between that top* and the ceiling or bottom of the crown molding. Your results will be magnificent!

If you have striking moldings that you just love and don’t want to cover any of them, including side trims, your best solution is to choose an inside mounted style  ( inside the window well). Properly selected inside mounted shutters or shades will be breathtaking and you can motorize them as well.

To install shutters, you must be very precise. This is not a simple DIY project. Inaccurate measuring and installation will leave you with sloppy results and improper fits. When done correctly though, Classic inside mounted Shutters will look amazing! Believe us or you can look it up (google).

If you’re still not sure which option is best for you, Let’s talk!!  For a free design consultation, Call me Today!  407-970-6700.

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Window Treatment Ideas for Bedrooms

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Bedrooms are designed in a variety of styles, from traditional, transitional to modern. Regardless of the decor, all bedrooms should have a soothing atmosphere that promotes sleep. One important step to accomplishing this is choosing the right window treatments for your space. Let’s take a look.

Custom Traversing Draperies

We love draperies/curtains for the bedroom because they soften the mood, contribute to serenity and assure privacy that you’d expect.  Drapes can be fully customized to complement your bedroom’s decor. They function perfectly in this space – using blackout lining to achieve a dark, cool, quiet room—perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Shades – Honeycomb – Roman –  Sheer

These classic options can be paired with today’s motorization technology for a flawless chic look that truly is effortless! Like drapes, shades can be fully customized in a variety of styles as well as from a wide array of fabrics, decorative banding, and trims. Classic shades will certainly provide privacy, energy savings, and distinctive appeal.

Consider Roman shades for your child’s bedroom too. Customize them to add whimsy and fun to the room. Choose cordless Roman shades and rest assured you have ease of operation with safety in mind for both your children and pets!

Plantation Shutters

Always appropriate and a favorite of  home owners, Shutters offer a wide range of flexibility: variable light control, privacy and energy savings,  Plantation Shutters are always on the leading edge of Traditional style and appeal. Permanently attached to your window frames, they increase the value of your home as well.

Designer Roller Shades

Clean, classic, and contemporary. Designer Roller Shades are a wonderful choice for any bedroom. Fabrics come in patterns, textures, and traditional solid colors. They can be solid, light filtering or screened depending on your preference for privacy and light control. There’s a solution for every situation.

Are you ready to create the bedroom of your dreams?  Got some ideas of your own? Let’s talk!!  For a free design consultation, Call me Today!  407-970-6700.

By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master


Should I Motorize My Curtains and Shades?

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Program your shades to create the perfect ambiance morning, noon, and night. Set them to open and rise to just the right position in the morning, block out the afternoon sun, and close at sunset. Operate your window treatments with your smartphone, or voice command via your home automation systems such as Alexa or Apple HomeKit.

When to Motorize

You can motorize every window treatment in your home or just certain ones. These are common situations where we often recommend motorizing:

Out of reach windows

You certainly don’t want to get out a step stool every time you need to raise, lower, or open the shades on windows that are out of reach. For that reason, we recommend motorized window treatments on windows that cannot be easily reached. Windows in stairwells, behind the kitchen sink, behind the bathtub, and two-story windows can all benefit from a motorized operating system.

Homeowners who travel frequently

If you are a frequent traveler, consider motorized window treatments — at least on your street-facing windows. A home whose window treatments never move might as well be a written invitation to burglars. Motorized shades can be set to automatically move your window coverings throughout the day, giving the illusion you are home. The remote connect feature allows you to operate your window treatments from anywhere in the world. If you are in London and you know it’s dark back home in Florida, you can close your shades using your mobile device.

Homes with cats

If you have a cat or two residing in your home, you inevitably know the terror they can unleash on window treatments. With remotely operated motorized shades, there’s no need to go around the house before you leave opening the curtains and shades with those tempting cords.


Oh and another thing- when you’re simply pressing a button on your remote, there are no dangling/strangling cords for your pets and children to hurt themselves with.  And –your insurance company will love you too!

For an energy efficient home

If energy efficiency is a top priority for you, motorization is a must. Motorized window treatments can help with energy savings; lowering during the sunnier and hotter parts of the day and rising during the cooler hours.


For sleep lovers

Window treatments can have a huge impact on sleep quality! Pair blackout draperies or shades with motorization and program them to close at a certain time each night. Use this as your cue to wind down for the evening. Set your window treatments to automatically open with the sunrise or whenever!

Motorized window shades and draperies/curtains are about more than convenience. They solve a variety of issues and offer safety measures, energy benefits, and create a sophisticated ambiance in your home all day and evening that your friends and family will envy!

Would you like to discuss motorization as an option for your home? We can help you decide if motorized window treatments are a necessary luxury worth investing in for your home, give us a call!


By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master


Combining Hard and Soft Window Treatments

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Window treatments are generally broken into two categories: Hard and Soft treatments. Hard window treatments (wood/synthetic) include blinds, shutters, shades, and cornices. Soft window treatments (fabrics) include Roman shades, curtains,  draperies, sheers, and valances. Hard and soft window treatments can be used individually, or they can be combined to create an attention-getting layered look with greater functionality.

These are the top reasons to layer window treatments:


While a single window treatment can look great on its own, layering treatments will add more dimension and visual appeal. Adding draperies to a window with shades, fo

r instance, will add softness. A valance or cornice (aka top Treatments) can add a pop of color or an interesting pattern that you might not otherwise achieve with a Shade/ Drapery/Curtain alone.

There are some aesthetic features that can only be accomplished with a certain treatment. Drapes (outside mounted), for example, need to be used if you’d like your windows to appear wider. Roman shades can make a window look taller. Layered together, they add great height and dynamic presence to a room.

Light Control

Different treatments provide different variations of light control. Layering different treatments allows you to unlock more light control options. A sheer woven wood shade or sheer curtains with functioning drapery panels, for instance, would provide both light-filtering and room darkening options.


There are several types of window coverings that can help darken a room but to achieve the best blackout conditions you will need to layer different treatments as well as overlap the window edges. Lined drapes and shades are a successful combination. Perhaps our favorite is a project that combines Plantation Shutters and blackout lined drapes. Or, you could combine blackout lined shades with outside mounted lined draperies or curtains for preferred effect.

Energy Efficiency

Up to 50% of a home’s heating and cooling benefits can be lost through its windows. Well-constructed window coverings will actually enhance the energy efficiency of your home. When you double up on treatments, not only do you get more light control options and the aesthetic benefits, (to say nothing about privacy) you’ll also find that your home operates more efficiently. Motorized shades combined with drapes will have your energy bill shrinking.

Hide Headrails

While many window treatments have functional headrails or traverse rods that look fine, many people prefer that they remain hidden. A beautiful set of drapery panels on a gorgeous drapery rod will steal the attention away from this. Preferably, a decorative cornice or valance will completely hide a headrail and add a striking impact to the window. Remember, not only are you trying to hide the ugly rod but you’re are hopefully framing a beautiful view!


When combining window treatments, it’s important to work with a professional who knows which ones work well together and how to position them correctly for the greatest appeal. Installation is always key, especially when layering treatments together. Custom Window Fashions would love to help you find the right combination of window treatments for your home. Contact us today for a complimentary (FREE) design consultation and to get started on your project. 407-970-6900.

By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master


Bringing The Outdoors In: Nature-Inspired Looks

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Nature-inspired window treatments blend the comforts of indoor living spaces with the natural beauty of rustic outdoor environments. The right combination of natural color, light, texture, and pattern can bring the allure of the outdoors directly into your home. 


Nature is a colorful place. From cool blue waters to vivid ruby gemstones, fiery hot orange to cool grey stone, sunny yellows to sunset pinks, emerald green forests to bark brown—nature blooms in nearly every color!

What speaks to you? Select a nature theme that feels good and build a palette from there. Incorporate complementing shades of preferred colors throughout the entire window and room design. 


Natural light is an essential design tool when seeking inspiration from nature, but not when the sun’s glare is too intense. Custom Window Fashions can help you design windows that filter natural light without blocking daytime views. For example, diffuse light beautifully and create an uplifting sunshine glow while reflecting heat with unique shading options.

We can also help you achieve more natural light with window treatments by implementing specialized window designs (including Plantation Shutters) that draw natural light into a room and reduce the need for artificial light. Many people wrongly assume that drapes will block natural light. While they can be used for sun control, they can be installed in a way that they frame the view and actually enhance it. 

With motorized window treatments, you can program your shades to open at sunrise, close at sunset, and automatically adjust throughout the day to let in just the right amount of sunlight.


Texture is most pronounced when deeply contrasted by surrounding textures. Consider combinations like soft linen drapery paired with coarse woven shades and shiny metallic hardware for naturally appealing window design. Of particular relevance are Natural Woven Shades crafted from rich natural materials that fit right in with today’s warm color décor and provide the perfect look for any room.


Patterns found in nature are an interesting inspiration for fabric prints. Botanicals, animals, and everything in between makes fun statements on drapery panels especially.  Be bold or subtle, both can include hints of nature.

We can help you make the transition from inside your home to outside your window seamless. Contact us today for a complimentary design consultation and get started on your project.


By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master


Cooling Your Home With Attractive Window Coverings

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Spring, Summer, and Fall are the seasons for spending Florida weekends at the pool or the beach…

However, the sun that you enjoy outdoors is not so welcome in your home when you are trying to keep cool. Here are some ways you can reduce heat in your home with energy efficient window treatments.

Window Treatments for Temperature Control

Not only does a bright, sunny room have the potential to make you feel uncomfortable, it also does an un-wanted job of fading your furniture. An air conditioning system will blow cooling air into your rooms, but will also blow up your bank account, and it won’t protect you against the UV rays entering those windows. By reflecting UV rays back outside the window, heat coming through your windows can be reduced by about one-third.

Window treatments can improve energy efficiency while controlling the sun’s impact to your home interior. Drapes in light colors, or darker drapes with white linings, will prevent UV rays from attacking the room. Blackout curtains and shades are ideal for use in home theaters where you want near total darkness any time of the day.

Oh yes, Solid Core Plantation Shutters are excellent heat eliminators and room darkeners too!

Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments come in a variety of styles – custom draperies, shades, and solar screens.

At the simple and convenient push of a button, your window treatments will open or close smoothly and quickly, controlling the sun and heat. Motorized treatments can easily be operated with your smartphone.

Uh-oh! You’re on your way to work and realize that you forgot to close your window shades before leaving the house? Not to worry, with a single tap on your smartphone, your home can stay cool!

Cellular shades contain built-in dead air pockets made by the use of two layers of fabric. This insulation slows heat flow from inside to outside, making them ideal for reducing solar gain.

Another option is that they can be opened or closed from the bottom up or the top down. This allows you to control the amount of light into the room while gaining privacy as well.

Layered Window Treatments

By installing complementing draperies/side panels over light filtering shades or room darkening shades, you can control the temperature of your room and at the same time transform an ordinary room into something very special.

A multi-layered window treatment can include a Top Treatment (valance, cornice box), and side panels over sheer draperies which will take your entire room’s decor to the next level. Now your window becomes an eye-catching focal point that is extremely beneficial in blocking any annoying light seeping around the window edges.

Banish Heat From Your Home!

Are you fed up with your unbearably hot home in Florida’s long hot summer? Cover those windows with energy-saving beautiful window treatments that flatter your home and all will enjoy! Stay COOL.

For FREE Consultation, contact Mary today!  407-970-6900.

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Custom Luxury Window Treatments

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In the design world, there are two types of window treatments: mass marketed window coverings and custom luxury window treatments.  Mass marketed (common)coverings include many of your “off-the-shelf”,  fixed sized shades and blinds, usually made with subpar synthetic materials.  They may block out sunlight and provide a modicum of privacy, but they usually need to be replaced every few years due to cracking, chipping yellowing, or warping.  Basically, they’ll cover your windows, but not well or very long.

Luxury window treatments, on the other hand, do more than just cover a window- they complement and enhance their surroundings.  For example, plantation shutters, custom shades, and draperies flatter your interior design scheme – they are crafted with designer materials to fit your exact window dimensions – regardless of your window’s shape or size.  Luxury treatments should last their lifetime without discoloration, warping, cracking or chipping.  And for true luxury, your window treatments should also add real solutions – such as providing energy efficiency to your home while protecting your interior furnishings from damaging sun rays.

Above all else, a luxury shutter/ shade or drapery must stand the test of time.  If your window treatments look great now become worn and dysfunctional in a few years, they will quickly go from elegance to annoyance.  Luxury draperies, shutters or shades should always look fresh as though they were just installed.

Any window treatment can block the sun and add privacy, but luxury window treatments should be attention-getting and complement the décor.  You may feel like that without these unique treatments, your windows would seem naked like an unframed painting – the whole room may feel bare and unfinished!  Luxury window treatments will always improve the appeal and value of your home!

Let Custom Window Fashions help you find the perfect luxury window treatment! Soon your newly covered windows will glow with elegance and operational flawlessness that only luxury window treatments can provide. Choosing the right luxury window treatment can be very challenging by yourself.  However, you’re never alone when we’re here to help, Contact Mary today!  407-970-6900.

By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master


Perfect Window Treatments for that “heart of the house” your Kitchen!

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The kitchen has always been a “functional working” room where meals are prepared, eaten, followed by lots of nasty clean-up and certainly not always the focal point of a home. In fact, historically, the kitchen was the least decorated room, tucked in the back of the house. It was not a gathering place where people wanted to spend time (unless they had to). Furthermore, owners most certainly weren’t concerned about decorative shades or shutters in the kitchen windows. Some had no windows at all, even today.

While the kitchen has gone through many transformations over the years, (in fact, kitchens reflected economic times and changes pretty closely). The period of the 1930s and 40s is when the kitchen began evolving to an inviting point of family pride. Today, we enjoy our open kitchen plans with all its fancy appliances and accommodations.  No longer hidden at the back of the house, our kitchens are front and center, and on display, for all to see. More often than not, the kitchen is usually facing or in the middle of a gathering place for entertaining, next to the family room or dining room.

  Of course, the most important thing to us, are the windows! Kitchens are now well lit, with either creative lighting or numerous windows with great views. Installing attractive shades over your sink, can help tone down the harsh sunlight while you work, or perhaps some drapes in breakfast nook to complement and soften your kitchen décor (as well as frame that lovely view) If you want a classy, vintage look, why not install plantation shutters which offer multi-flexible shade and light control, not to mention wonderful “charm and elegance” to your kitchen.

What better way to show off today’s most-used room in your home, than with attention-getting window coverings for the kitchen! Depending upon your preferred decorating style, perhaps wood shutters would be perfect, or maybe a unique roman shade or top down –bottom up cell shade would a great fit. If you need any help picking out the ideal kitchen window treatments please contact Mary today!  407-970-6900.

By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master