How Much Does It Cost To Install New Window Treatments?

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If you’re considering buying new window treatments for your home, you are probably wondering about the cost and how it fits into your home improvement budget. While most of us don’t have unlimited funds, we want to make the most of what we’ll be investing to gain the greatest improvement to our surroundings and quality of life.

The Importance of Quality

First, you should realize there is no substitution for quality- it always can be depended on and will outlast everything else. So think quality over quantity or lowest price- because normally these treatments should last several years, function flawlessly and remain attractive. It’s better to make a smart investment now, prioritizing options that you know will last and appeal to all who see what you have achieved.

    • Durability. This is certainly one of the most important characteristics of Quality and one of the prime reasons to justify the cost. Flawless operation and enduring appeal are priceless.  You may spend $1500 + on the ideal choice for your purpose and décor with the potential it may last 20 years! Otherwise, the alternative, save now- then spend again and again!
    • Important Benefits of Effective Window Treatments. These features must always be addressed and prioritized in your final decision. Privacy and Security, Light Control, Sun Protection (especially here in Florida), Energy Savings and always, Design Aesthetics– Eye-Catching Appeal! It’s a lot to consider if you’re doing it yourself. All of these must be factored into the final price of your window covering (with the exception of appeal).
    • Convenience and ease of control. Whether motivated by the sophistication or a difficult location of your window covering/ treatment, Motorization may be the preferred option. Your comfort is obvious but cost justification is another concern- probably around +$500 (DC) per opening or up to +$1000 (AC).  Many Shades today are available with a wonderful convenience that also provides Child and Pet Safety, namely Cordless Operation- no dangling strangling cords!-and it often is free for the asking!
    • Full-Service Provider. Unlike buying online or off a rack in a discount retail store where you’ll be responsible for the entire outcome, including install!  Window Treatment/Covering Specialists provide high-quality customer service personalized to your unique décor and preferences. You should expect to increase your budget for the expert advice, finished results and guarantees you will receive from these professionals. You can be sure they will resolve any issue to your satisfaction. These experts deliver spot-on design, precise measurements, perfect installation and a finished look that will exceed your expectations and wow all your visitors! Now, isn’t that worth it?

Average  Cost for Custom Window Treatments/ Coverings (installed)

According to national averages, new window coverings can range from $128 to $1463 per window depending on the treatment style and cost of materials.

    • Curtains and drapes. While being relatively easy to install, Draperies are always lined to protect the fabric and control the amount of light passing through. Don’t forget the cost of rods which can be stationary, mechanically traversing tracks or elegant decorative poles with matching drapery rings and beautiful finials on the ends. This set up can easily cost $1463 per window. Sliders will be proportionately more. (This price can be upwardly effected by Accessories included in the treatment – Top Valances/Cornices or Swags, beautiful layers of Sheers or if Motorized.)
    • Blinds and shades. There are so many shade types to meet any design preference you may like.: Honeycomb/Cellular(Light Filtering or Room Darkening)l;  PVC Vertical and Horizontal Blinds; Sheer Horizontals (Viennas); Sheer Verticals (Luminettes),  Soft Roman Shades of all sorts and Solar Roller Shades. These all break down into additional refinements as well.  Just ask us! Price wise, PVC Verticals and Faux Wood Blinds will be lowest, averaging $120/window. Cellular/ Honeycomb Shades: $345 / window; Sheer Horizontals/Viennas- $572/; Sheer Verticals /Luminettes- $780/;Designer Roman Shades(lined), cordless-$570/and Solar Rollers (Sheerweave) variable densities incl Valance-$320/. Solar Rollers are great for blocking the sun’s glare without losing the view and are especially appreciated when installed on oversized office or condo windows!
    • Plantation Shutters -interiorShutters are available in most any shape the most common being rectangular, just like your window, (with arches as well). We can accommodate special/ lever handles as on French Doors. Normally shutters have decorative frames around them but we can make them fit nicely insidea pre-framed windows as well. The most common louver is 3 1/2” deep but 2 ½ and 4 ½ are also available. You can open them with Traditional Tilt Bar or Hidden Clear View system. For added flexibility, you can open the top and bottom sections separately for more privacy or light control. Made from synthetic polymers, guaranteed not to warp chip or crack and is non-toxic! Average cost: $400 per window.

At Custom Window Fashions, we pride ourselves on offering the best of each category, with a wide range of window treatment options with top-notch customer service. Take a look at our drapes, our shades, or our other products, and you’ll quickly learn how we became one of the top window treatment providers in the industry. For your convenience and peace of mind, call Mary today for a Free In-Home Consultation.


By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master

Custom Drapery

Benefits of Custom Window Treatments in your Central Florida Home

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Sun Protection

A key benefit of any window treatment is protection. Whether you prefer shutters, shades, blinds, curtains/draperies or whatever, they all will protect your valuables from damaging sunlight. If your furniture, floor coverings, wall hangings or other accessories are exposed to the sunlight for an extended period, they’re likely to be harmed by the sun’s UV rays and will fade, discolor, warp or crack over time. By choosing the right window covering, you can prevent these costly misfortunes. A particular favorite around here in Central Florida are Solar Rollers Screen shades which block the sun’s glare without blocking your beautiful view! –Yes, it’s true.

Light control

Another primary reason for window treatments is that they help you to control the amount of light coming into your home. If you’d like to filter the light rays for a special effect, we can make it happen. If you’d rather have a subdued environment, we can use a room darkening treatment, covering your windows and fully reduce the light. You might even sleep peacefully during the daytime. But if you want natural light to do some work or just to enjoy a bright cheery atmosphere inside, you can open up the shades or draperies/ curtains as wide as you please! Let sun shine in!

Privacy & Security

Window treatments can most certainly provide privacy in your environment. By closing the shades, curtains or draperies you can cover the windows fully and prevent others from seeing into your property, whether inside or out. They’re also commonly installed in offices, where privacy is required. Security is a prevalent concern of all property owners especially when they’re away, anytime! By closing your draperies, curtains or shades, potential intruders can’t see in, which raises doubt and hopefully spurs them away to other targets, (e.g. your neighbors)

Energy saving

Most window treatments are good insulators. When it is really hot outside the covering on your windows will help keep the heat out and the cool air in…In the same way, during winter, the heat stays in and the cold stays out where it belongs. So you should be using less of the heating and cooling equipment, year after year – resulting in annual energy savings! (Go green!)

Design Aesthetics

As far as we’re concerned best benefit of using the right window treatments is to greatly enhance the visual appeal of your home! The choice is yours but you’ll not be alone. We’ll be right there to help you sift through all the important stuff and guide through the priorities. Together we’ll form a creative partnership to find the most appealing design and functional system that will make you happy and please your budget. It’s our belief that your design and finished look should reflect your personal taste and personality. Of course it should be compatible with your décor in every way, only better! Your highly valued opinion and feelings will be involved in every aspect of the design. We’ll certainly protect you from the any pitfalls lurking out there.

 A window treatment is much more than just a window covering. There are so many choices of treatments available to enhance the functionality and appeal of your windows. Some of the most common types of window treatments include Draperies, Curtains, Sheers, Shades, Shutters and Blinds.

Which one is best for you? Your Certified Master Decorator from Custom Window Fashions can help.

All these varieties are used for nearly the same purpose, to provide required privacy, light control, insulation and most importantly, add style to your room’s decor. You can either simply use one type of treatment or combine it with other styles to achieve the most pleasing effect.

Before choosing the type of window treatment, you must first understand exactly what your most important concerns are by order of priority- appearance- light control –privacy, insulation and so forth. Don’t be concerned, we’ll help you sort it all out. Custom Window Fashions offers FREE in-home consultations!

 By considering our reliable guidelines, you’ll be able to discover the perfect window treatments for your home’s décor! For your convenience and peace of mind, call Mary today for a Free In-Home Consultation- 407-970-6900

By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master

The benefits of window coverings are that they block harmful UV rays

In our next blog we’ll discuss choosing the style and application of window treatment for your windows.