Custom Roman Shades

Custom Roman Shades

Custom Fabric Shades are a huge favorite with Designers and Homeowners alike! These designer fabric shades come in a wide variety of styles and designs – Romans, Balloons (Smocked – Tailored – Shirred), London, and the elegant Austrian. All Custom Fabric Shades can be thermal or blackout lined, as well as enhanced with beautiful trims and banding. Our Continuous Cord Lift System ensures effortless operation year after year.

Roman Shades

Romans are the most popular designer fabric shades today and are available in five basic styles. All Roman shades are now available in child safety Cordless Operation, adding the benefits of no visible lift cords. Otherwise all custom roman shades operate with an easy lifting continuous cord loop. A variety of special linings are available for your preference in light control and energy savings. Of course you can always enhance the appeal of any Roman shade with beautiful coordinating trims and contrast bandings. Your Custom Window Fashions designer will gladly show you the way. Call Today 407-970-6900

Flat Romans

Distinguished by their even horizontal gathered folds when raised, and their smooth flat surface when lowered. This smooth expanse allows full display of patterns / prints or presentation of compatible colors and textures to perfectly accent your surrounding decor.

Hobbled Romans

Recognized by their graceful descending and overlapping folds, closely resembling a waterfall. When viewed from the side, these cascading folds look like a continuous stream of overlapping tear drops. These striking soft shades exude quality and style, drawing envious appreciation from all who see them.

Relaxed Romans

Also known as a Casual, Relaxed Romans are in the same family as the well-known London shade. While displaying the similar face of a flat roman when lowered, their gently turned up swagged bottoms invoke feelings of warmth and friendliness. Perfect for any family room, Relaxed Romans are visually compelling, inviting you to be comfortable and enjoy yourself.

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Balloon Shades

If striking fabric in abundance is your thing, then these voluminous Balloons are for you! These shades hang long into a window even when raised. The bottoms are intentionally pre-gathered upward, which creates an attractive billowing effect while perpendicular vertical pleats give them a multi-dimensional look. Perfect for a casual setting while adding drama to any room.

Austrian Shades

Ah, the magnificent Austrian, the most elegant and traditional of all sheer shades. Flowing, evenly spaced columns of tightly sheered voiles or batistes convey a sense of grace and affluence. A natural center of attention, Austrians display best on a large window, especially a beautiful bay window in a traditional setting.

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