Easily Control Light and Privacy with Custom Window Treatments in DeLand, FL

Custom Window FashionsWe are helping homeowners in DeLand, Ormond Beach and Port Orange, FL to create a striking home interior while controlling light and privacy with custom window treatments and shades. There are a virtually unlimited number of styles, fabrics and patterns of window treatments that can be customized to meet your unique requirements.

Custom window treatments and shades can have a dramatic effect in enhancing the overall appearance of your interior space versus using standard curtains. Plus, they can be designed to suit the needs of each room in your home with its own distinct style and character. For example, installing custom automated drapes in the media room can evoke the feeling of an old-fashioned cinema while custom window shades in the kids’ bedrooms are both luxurious and practical.

The fabrics we choose for custom window treatments are designed to control your privacy and minimize the amount of ultraviolet rays that enter the room without blocking natural views. Custom window treatments such as vertical blinds, shutters and shades can block part or all of the light. While woven materials and other fabrics allow some light to shine through when drawn. An opaque curtain or drape can also be installed behind our meticulously designed fabric window treatments when maximum privacy from the outside is desired.

We also offer custom window treatments with motorized controls that enhance the beautiful interior of your home while making it quick and easy to control the amount of natural light and privacy at any time of day or night. And in homes where dramatic architecture is the focal point, bottom-up or top-down window treatments provide glorious daylight while ensuring that privacy is maintained. Regardless of the shape, size or the position of your windows, our expertise in interior design enables us to craft beautiful window treatments for your home.

Custom Window Fashions is your premier source for custom window treatments in the DeLand, Ormond Beach and Port Orange areas. To schedule a free consultation, contact us at 407-970-6900 or visit us online today!