Heirloom Bedding

Heirloom Bedding

No bedroom retreat can be complete without luxurious heirloom bedding. We create beautiful Quilted Bedspreads, Coverlets, Comforters, Duvet Covers along with Bed Skirts, and Accent Pillows, featuring beautiful designer fabrics and decorative trims to fit your taste and budget.

Our wide range of styles and prices are designed to deliver beauty and coziness, whether your look is understated elegance or plushest luxury. All our bedding is custom made to the highest standards, for your best interests, with exacting attention to detail. Only non-allergenic fills are used, ideal for allergy sufferers and everyone else.

Coverlets and Bed Spreads

Bed Spreads and Coverlets only differ in size – the length from the floor to the top of the mattress. A Spread reaches almost to the floor while a Coverlet extends to just below the box spring. Coverlets quite often are paired with coordinated contrasting Bed Skirts or Dust Ruffles, which reach to the floor, completing the look in a most appealing manner. Both styles, Spreads and Coverlets, are available in Pleated, Fitted and Throw styles

Duvets and Comforters

Comforters and Duvets differ basically two ways – thickness (loft) and quilting- both are reversible and usually hemmed with a coordinating decorative cord or beautiful contrast banding and extend to just below the box spring. Comforters, like a coverlet or spread, are constructed as one piece with all layers quilted together. A Duvet consists of two pieces – the outside layers are sewn together like a sack and the ultra-soft duvet insert is secured within. Duvet inserts are usually down filled with a high pile whereas comforters are poly-filled. Whatever your choice, you can be certain that luxurious splendor awaits.

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custom accent pillows for the bedroomPillows, Shams, and Bolsters

Shams, Pillows and Bolsters (neck rolls) are the perfect complement to your luxurious bedding. Adding beauty and comfort, designer pillows are custom crafted to your taste. Available in every imaginable size and style, these items are often enhanced with magnificent trims and bandings. Custom Window Fashions’ luxurious faux down fills are economical, fire retardant, hypoallergenic and light as a cloud!