How to Get the Right Custom Window Curtains for Your Home in DeLand, FL

Custom Window FashionsWith so many styles, colors and designs to choose from, it can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process to get the right window curtains for your home.  Our professional interior decorators eliminate the frustration and guesswork and help homeowners in DeLand, FL, get that perfect fit tailoring custom drapery with a unique style and design for every room in their home.

Certain fabrics are prone to fading from exposure to the sun’s UV rays. This type of fading is often referred to as sun bleaching and can occur far more quickly with some brightly colored fabrics. That’s why our designers choose the best designer fabrics from around the globe. The custom window treatments, including curtains and draperies we create for you in DeLand are meticulously handcrafted from these opulent materials and are designed to give your home the look and style you desire while minimizing the effects of sun exposure.

On those bright and sunny days in DeLand, custom window curtains and draperies allow you control the amount of light and privacy you desire for the room. Simply open the drapes to let light in and the sheer curtains will maintain your privacy. This can also be done for you automatically at a touch of a button. Closing the draperies will shut out all natural light from the room for maximum privacy.

When selecting curtains for rooms which face a busy street, selecting a heavier fabric will provide a high level of privacy and help block out noises when the draperies are drawn. However, when selecting curtains for a more secluded part of your home, a sheer fabric will likely be your best option as these curtains allow you to make the most use of natural light.

Custom window top treatments are the perfect opportunity to complement your existing decor without the need to remain neutral throughout the entire room. While you certainly can choose window curtains and draperies in a plain or neutral color, choosing contrasting colors will allow you to create a bold design that really adds to the finishing touches of any room in your home.

To make a fashion statement with custom window curtains in DeLand, contact us at (407) 970-6900 for a free consultation today!