The Benefits of Soft Sheer Shadings

When you were choosing window treatments for your home, did you find yourself torn between hard window treatments such as blinds or shades and soft custom draperies or curtains? It’s a more common problem than you would think, particularly with the fantastic selection of both hard and soft window treatment choices. But we’ve got some fantastic news: you no longer have to compromise or struggle with indecision. We’ll help you decide by demonstrating suitable, attractive solutions compatible with your home’s decor! Although you certainly can benefit by combining custom draperies or decorative top treatments with your hard blinds or shades, there is also something that can allow you to have the best of both worlds: Soft Sheer Shadings.

Light Diffusion

Perhaps the greatest benefit to sheer shades is their alluring light diffusing properties along with a flexible degree of privacy. Rather than opaque blinds or shutters that block or alter incoming sunlight, sheer shadings actually filter the sun’s rays, creating an elegant naturally lit room safe from the harshness of Florida’s sun.

Get The Most Out Of Your View

One downside to most traditional window treatments is that to achieve light control, you usually have to compromise your view of the outside. For many of us, a magnificent view is one of the major reasons we purchased our home, so you want to make sure that you get as much out of it as possible. Soft sheer shades will ensure that you maximize your view!

 Operating Options

With sheer shadings, the vanes of the shades are sheer fabric panels throughout and provide as much or as little light control or privacy as you prefer. Their unique construction provides for an unprecedented level of light control without blocking your beautiful settings. Sheer shadings come in two shapes, horizontal and vertical, and in a full range of sizes (enabling coverage of any window). Contrary to what you may expect, the horizontal sheers (Viennas) are shaped like blinds and operate vertically. Vertical sheers (Luminettes) on the other hand are shaped like PVC verticals and operate horizontally. The striking difference is in the sheer material and the immediate sense of elegance. All styles can be motorized for remote control. No matter what you choose, above all, your new sheer shades will convey sophistication and appeal. Your visitors will be envious!

Seeing Is Believing

Have we piqued your interest that soft sheer shadings would be a great fit for your home?

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By Mary Nolan, WFCP Master

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