Window Curtains in Orlando

Custom Window FashionsLike a blank canvas, the windows curtains in your Orlando home can be a fashionable work of art and improve the aesthetic appearance of a living space.  Our professional home decorators will bring your ideas for an exquisite interior to life with beautiful custom curtains and draperies handcrafted from the highest quality imported fabrics. These quality fabrics are available in thousands of colors, patterns and textures for a truly unique drapery.

Create a unique style for every window personality. For something that’s truly elegant, lightweight and functional, a custom sheer drapery may be the perfect style you have been looking for. It will allow in the much-needed light without distracting from the appearance of your beautiful décor. These custom curtains have a soft, unique texture that will elevate your living space to the next level. Furthermore, sheer draperies are available in a wide array of elegant colors, blends and patterns for a perfect balance with any home décor that is pure chic.

Our custom window curtains and draperies are made to order right here in our Orlando facility. They are measured to provide an exact fit for every window in your home, including oversize and custom shapes.  We can dress up every window in your home. Perhaps an elegant drapery in the dining room, colorful curtains for the kids’ rooms, and a warm and inviting motorized drapery for the master bedroom that opens and closes remotely without having to get out of bed.

We also have custom drapery fabrics that will help conserve energy. These types of draperies will help keep a room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer making it a perfect fit for the family room or den while shielding your furniture from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Get beautiful custom window curtains for your Orlando home. Contact us at 407-970-6900 for a free consultation today!